With more than 30 years of experience in bankruptcy law and developing strategies to stop wage garnishments immediately so that working folks can get their entire paycheck, Attorney Dorothy Bunce of A Fresh Start Law provides award-winning service to her clients. Don't believe people who say there is nothing you can do once you get hit with a wage garnishment.  We can even stop garnishments by the IRS and the Student Loan companies.

We are proud of our many positive client reviews. We are determined to work hard to earn your loyalty every day.

                                                  Because you need your entire your paycheck to live!

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Let’s face it. If you are facing a wage garnishment or if your bank account has been attached by a creditor, you may be mad or you may just be frightened.  You do not need to be a victim of a wage garnishments because the law does provide you with options to stop garnishment.

Most of our clients need immediate help to get their lives and finances back on track. Here at A Fresh Start Law, our attorney, Dorothy Bunce, has seen it all. Many of Dorothy's clients have come close to losing everything from their life savings to their families. Some people even consider suicide.  Dorothy wants you to get your life back on the right track quickly and efficiently.

What an attorney needs for your “free consultation.”

A “free  consultation” isn’t going to get you unlimited time to ask questions from an attorney. So if you are not prepared for this meeting, you won’t get much useful advice.  Here are some tips to prepare for a “free consultation” to make this important meeting worthwhile.

Household Income
To eliminate your debt and end your wage garnishment, Any attorney will need to know your household income to provide you advice about ending your wage garnishment.

Amount and Type of Debt
There are many types of debts.  Your attorney will need you to explain the type of debt you have. To stop a wage garnishment, all debt must be considered, even debt that you are current on or intend to keep paying.

Recent Financial Issues
If you recently used credit cards, transferred balances from one account to another, paid a large amount to one creditor while ignoring debt, it will affect your ability to eliminate certain debts.  If you recently obtained work, lost a job, been sued, or had a vehicle repossessed, your attorney needs to know this as well.  Recent financial issues are important and shouldn’t be mentioned as you casually walk out the door after your free consultation has ended.

Urgent Financial Issues
A pending foreclosure or wage garnishment are urgent financial issues.  Mention them to your  attorney right away.  To resolve these problems, you need to “hop to it” by paying the attorney and completing and actions that are required.  Typically, you also must give your attorney documents so your case can be prepared and can be filed right away.